Tuesday, January 28, 2014

iPhone 5S: 10 Tips to Prolong the Battery

The rise of technology gave way to the rise of the smartphones. These all-encompassing devices, including the iPhone 5S, are fun to use, pack with more power but comes with a price: the battery life. Avid fans and users would agree on one thing, iPhone 5S devices need to be recharged almost every day to maximise its potential.

There are lots of strategies to help save the actual battery pack of the iphone 5s. Nevertheless, these require the user to deactivate a couple of features and applications.

Here are some things that one can do to prolong the battery life of the iPhone 5S.

1. Minimize auto-lock period to have backlight switched off

2. Disable AirDrop for iOS except when necessary

3. Disable 4G LTE connectivity

4. Turn off automatic app updates

5. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you are not using them.

6. Disable unnecessary vibrations

7. Disable auto-brightness

8. Always close unused apps

9. Select ‘fetch’ instead of ‘push’ email

10. Don’t use ‘dynamic’ wallpapers

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