Saturday, February 1, 2014

Flappy Bird: Pulled Out from the Market

Flappy Bird, the most infamous free Apple app in the market, has been pulled out from the market. According to the Vietnamese game developer, Nguyen Ha Dong, on his Twitter account, he will be taking down the addictive game not for legal reasons but because he 'cannot take this anymore'. Dong has been making about $50,000 a day from the free game from advertising.

On Saturday, Dong apologized to Flappy Bird players, 22 hours from now, I will take "Flappy Bird" down,' Dong said adding: 'It is not anything related to legal issues.'

I cannot take this anymore,' he wrote.

Flappy Bird has been a trending sensation the past days becoming one of the most downloaded mobile games on both Apple and Google's online stores. Users have to steer a bird between green pipes. The Android version has been downloaded up to 50 million times, and attracted more than half a million reviews.

Many people have been contacting Dong on Twitter about his decision to pull out the game since it was just a day before that he had been talking about developing the game for Microsoft's Windows phones.

Dong could not be reached for comment. He had turned his telephone off after cancelling an interview with Reuters on Thursday and not finalizing arrangements for one on Friday.

Unlike other successful game makers such as Rovio Entertainment, which produced the hugely popular Angry Birds game and has hundreds of programmers, Dong made Flappy Bird by himself in a few nights, he said on Twitter earlier.

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