Sunday, February 9, 2014

Truth Strikes: Simply Sellular Scam

Simply Sellular scam alert! I've been hearing a lot about online shopping scams and complaints. I've had my second-thoughts and scares, but just recently this online store has made me at ease.

Simply Sellular allows individuals who plan to sell their older devices and also those who're about to get a fresh low-cost cell phone or even those just canvassing for gizmo discounts. This online shop aids the customer to make things happen easier and faster.

According to the site,
"Simply Sellular is dedicated to helping the environment by finding new homes for cell phones that would otherwise end up in landfills. There are currently over 200 million surplus cell phones in the U.S. with that number expected to exceed 300 million by 2012. Your "useless" cell phone can also be of great use to disadvantaged people and those who may need one only for emergency 911 purposes. We strive to provide the best customer service of anyone in the industry, to ensure you are satisfied at all times. So keep us in mind next time you upgrade your cell phone. You'll know you've done something good!"

Basically, simply sellular scam alerts are false. What they do is reuse old 'surplus' phones to make them more useful for less privileged users.

If you check on their website, you'll notice the different kinds of handheld devices being bought. The surplus phone owner, has to opt for the model that he or she is willing to sell. Each model has it's own price. If the owner is willing to sell his device for the amount mentioned on the site, then he just have to click on the 'Sell this phone' tab under each device.

If you would like to upgrade on your cellular phone, I must say, that selling the old one would be a good decision. Don't let your device die in waste. Be a dear and sell them instead so others can still make use of it.

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